About Us


Our mission is to mentor, motivate, and inspire our students to be more self-confident and disciplined in life.  


The core elements of American Kenpo Karate consist of bravery, power, and physical strength (the Tiger) and fluidity, agility, and mental strength (the Dragon). At The Chophouse, we embrace the traditional teachings of Mr. Edmund Parker, the founder of American Kenpo, to instill these characteristics in all our students. Through our various programs, we strive to develop the mind, body, and spirit together as one in a safe, family-friendly environment. 


Kenpo Karate for Kids

Self-defense is the bare minimum your child will walk away with in our Orlando kids Kenpo Karate martial arts classes, through setting goals and advancing through the martial arts ranking system - your child will develop ambition, drive & determination, through practicing their moves, they will learn discipline, and the value in hard work. And by paying attention in class, and respecting their instructor and fellow students, they will learn patience, respect and courtesy. Through learning their curriculum they will develop focus and concentration. 

Our After-School Program

One of the difference is a fun-structured, supervised program for your children that teaches them confidence, pride, an respect.

One of the differences from our program compared to any other after school program is that our teacher is a vocational therapist that will help your children with their homework and engage your children in activities that teach your kids the skills they need for success in life.

Adult Kenpo Karate Classes

Kenpo Karate classes will utilize core elements that will consist of bravery, power, and physical strength (the tiger) and fluidity, agility, and mental strength (the dragon). We will teach American Kenpo Karate. Self-defense will help lose weight fast and help you protect yourself at any given time giving you a happier and more meaningful life. 

Our Summer Camp

The fun, action-packed camp that gets kids in shape, makes them bully-proof and gets them … more confident, disciplined, and respectful than when they arrived.